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Affirming that Affirmations Work: I Am Officially on Audible

Are you one of those people that have post its, magazine cutouts, and stickers plastered all over your mirrors, random household objects or walls, and even your car so that you can be reminded everyday of how powerful and magical you are? If you answered yes or no, the rest of this article is still for YOU!

I am one of those people!

I am no stranger to the power of affirmations; my life is an example that they work! One of my favorite affirmations is:

“I love saying ‘yes’ to more positive experiences that the universe presents to me and I welcome them with open arms and an open heart.”

One reason that it is my favorite affirmation is that it simply feels good to read, think, and even say out loud! But another reason I love this affirmation is that it helped the universe present me with an amazing experience to say yes to! And I certainly welcomed the experience with open arms, an open heart, and an open mouth (literally!)

This experience was to produce my very first audiobook narrating the very book that this affirmation came out of- affirmation #65 on page 15 to be exact! This book is called 365 Days to Self Prosperity: Affirmations & Fulfillment, written by Arianna Corsino.

You can now listen to my voice while you are on a nature walk, working out, taking a shower, journaling, or (insert any activity where you can enjoy an audiobook simultaneously here).

However, this is not simply about my voice, it’s actually about listening to your inner voice which through the help of this book will remind you of who you truly are! As Arianna states in her book (which I get to say to you in the audiobook):

"You are an infinite creator being with unlimited possibilities stored inside you that are ready to manifest into your life as blessings."

# 75, page 18.

So are you ready to receive your blessings? You can start by ordering a copy of 365 Days to Self Prosperity: Affirmations & Fulfillment now available on Amazon & Audible today!

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