• Abbey

Fantasies Come True

Sometimes I have to pinch myself when thinking about where I was a year ago and where I am today.

Do I really get to interview amazing people who are changing the world? Do I really get to write inspiring content that can help someone realize their own potential; that they CAN have whatever their heart desires? Do I really get to have life experiences like losing a career so that I can find myself again?

The answer is YES.

Now, I’m surrounded by entrepreneurs, women CEO’s, wellness enthusiasts, and self-love advocates daily. I’m surrounded by change agents, way-showers, and literal authors... not only of their own life but of USA Today’s bestseller books!

In my latest blog, I get to share Jessica Cage’s story- literally, like the actual storylines in her books, but more importantly, I get to share her life story and how she got to be the best selling author that she is today!

Jessica writes fantasy. But my point here is real. If you can imagine a life where you wake up pinching yourself, then that fantasy can come true and be your new story too!

Check out the interview with Jessica Cage over on the Flex| Corner blog here.