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Get Woke to 5 Gifts for Your Spiritual Friends


It’s December, and you know what that means! Trying to stay present amidst the holiday rush, but also yes, presents!

Getting into the Christmas spirit for a spiritual friend can be challenging because most likely they won’t be excited by the typical spirits (aka a bottle of wine or liquor) as a gift.

Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle about it. Santa isn’t the only one with a list!

Here are 5 ideas that are sure to put smiles on your woke friends’ faces when they wake up on Christmas morning!


*PS click on any of the links to see which ones I purchased for my friends!

A Journal/Personal Growth Workbook: Nothing is more meaningful than letting people create their own meaning and to encourage them to learn, grow and shift into who they are truly meant to be. The way your friend will fill up these blank pages with stories, memories, dreams, and love is symbolic of how your friendship has filled up each of your hearts with the same!

A Plant: Just like friendships, plants need nurturing, nourishment, and sunshine to grow. Every time your friend looks at this gift of life, they will be reminded of the roots you have planted together too.“Soiler” Alert: This gift will literally “leave” them smiling.

A Pass to YogiApproved for Yoga: Okay, I might be biased because I write blogs for them, but that doesn’t discount how great of an idea this actually is! Aside from the amazing spiritual content to explore there, what better way is there to move your friend’s heart than to literally get your friend and their heart moving?

A Cosmo/Starry Night Light: As friends, you are starring in each other’s lives. You’re there for one another, especially in the darkest times. The depths of your relationship feels like it resembles an entire universe. When you are with each other, you feel at home. The gift of a literal light that emulates the night sky for them to project on their wall at home will melt away any emotional walls they may have. This gift is a projection of love shooting back and forth from each of your chests just like comets.

Incense: Your friend can light one incense and then just by arranging another one close to it, the flame from the initial stick will pass over-it will actually create one flame until your friend decides to separate them into two. How symbolic! As we often see with friends we spend time with, we might inherit some of their hobbies, we might start liking the things that they like, and we might adopt other aspects of their lifestyle- becoming one like that flame. Yet we also know when to turn down the heat so we don’t get burned out and tend to our own flame as needed individually. Incense represents these sparks between you as friends, and your ability to light each other up. Their heart will definitely be warmed up by this one!


Did a jingle bell go off in your head that there is a common theme behind each of these

gift ideas? All 5 presents had the most important bow tying them all together when it comes to gift-giving: intention!

While these gifts might work for some of our spiritual friends of course every person is different. Any gift you give this holiday should intentionally speak to that specific receiver’s values. When you’re able to unwrap the layers of a person to the point you know the perfect gift for them to unwrap -that is when the true magic of Christmas is presented!

Also, countless holiday songs have messages that reinforce that the best gifts aren’t actual gifts at all. For example, in the famous words of Mariah Carey, “All they want for Christmas is YOU!”

Spiritually, presence always wins over presents.

What gift ideas do you have for your friends this holiday? Leave some inspiration below, I would love to hear from you!

Happy Holidays!

By: Abbey Acevedo

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