• Abbey

I'm Flex'n at Flex-N-Fly

I've been flex'n my writing muscles lately and I am enjoying exercising my brain! I strongly resonate with Flex-N- Fly's mission to support all things travel, wellness, and entrepreneurship. That is why I cannot wait any longer to tell you some good news that makes my heart happy ...which is very healthy!

Your girl is the newest lead writer and head interviewer for Flex-N-Fly!

Flex-n-Fly is a wellness company that provides stretching/relaxation classes to travelers before they board their international and domestic flights. Inflight programs are also offered. Flex-N-Fly's vision is to help flyers create healthy habits while providing an atmosphere of quietude at the airport.

So, yes-I might be flex'n (as in bragging)- but why should I tone down celebrating my gains? When I'm flying high on joy, you get to come aboard the ride too!

So strap in. Takes some deep breaths. Get ready to stretch your limits. And let's take off to where you can find my latest articles!

Head over to and click into the Flex | Corner.

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Do you have any ideas for topics you would like to see covered in an upcoming blog or know any amazing entrepreneurs we should be interviewing?

What's the biggest "Flex" in your own life right now?

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