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Your Vibrations or Your Vibrator? Don’t Make This Spiritual Mistake!

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

It Is What It Is:

If you have recently stepped into your awakening journey, I’m sure you can relate to feeling like:

  • You’re detached from reality

  • You’re crazy and are going through an existential crisis

  • You’re seeing, hearing, and/or sensing things you didn’t believe were possible before.

These are common symptoms of ascension, and it isn’t uncommon to feel confused about how to recognize something you’re experiencing as “spiritual” versus “real.”

Of course, everything that happens in our life has meaning, and symbolism, and can be used as a lesson on our spiritual path. But for sake of this article, let’s assume that stubbing your toe sometimes means you simply didn’t see the corner of the bed in your dark room-not that your whole life is in divine darkness as you struggle to find the light. Let’s assume that sometimes you just spilled that cup of coffee because of inertia when your hand hit it and that there is no hidden meaning about your cup not being full metaphorically. Let’s assume that when we don’t feel the need to control something by attaching a label, a story, or a judgment then we will begin to see through the most objective, spiritual concept of all: it is what it is!

Good Vibrations

We’ve all heard it. Science has proved it. Spirituality embraces it. Psychology has theories on it. Medicine works with it. Mathematics depends on it. Does it matter that we all speak of energy differently if underneath it all, we’re making the same point?

Everything is energy. Energy is Everything.

From a scientist’s perspective, you stubbing your toe on the bed is not spiritual. For example, it could be explained by using the scientific concept of kinetic energy. Maybe you were walking so fast to get to the restroom that the kinetic energy you created was so powerful that you wouldn’t have been able to stop in time even if you saw the end of the bed. For the scientist, it’s the physical energy and momentum that caused this experience.

From a psychologist’s perspective, you stubbing your toe on the bed is not spiritual. It can be related to a psychology theory of self-fulfilling prophecy where you thought about or spoke about stubbing your toe and then it happened. For the psychologist, it’s the mental energy that created this experience.

From a mathematician’s perspective, you stubbing your toe on the bed is not spiritual. It can be related to statistics where maybe every 3 mins 5% of people are prone to stub their toe. (Disclaimer: I just made that statistic up, don’t quote me). For the mathematician, it’s the potential energy of the data fulfilled to create the exact circumstance.

The point is that on an awakening journey, we can sometimes tend to identify with events that happen in our life by categorizing them as spiritual and discounting anything or anyone that says otherwise. And while we talked about letting go of the need to label, it isn’t a mistake if you still struggle with this part. That’s normal human nature. The true mistake is when we judge others or invalidate others for however they choose to give meaning to their own life and experiences. Like beauty, the answer is in the eye of the beholder.

Our main role is sending good vibrations out into the world, in whatever way that looks like and feels like for every one of us individually.


I have this one friend who can make me laugh until I’m crying- even when she isn’t intentionally trying to be funny. She called me up to tell me a story that inspired this entire blog concept. She thought she was having a spiritual moment, but turns out there was a whole different vibe- literally!

Her story went like this:

“Hey, girl. Sooooo, you know how I’ve been going down this rabbit hole of when the new earth is coming, and how the world might end, and how time isn’t real, and how reality is an illusion, and how everything is energy and eventually, aliens are coming to take us back?”

*Shaking my head yes as I sat in gratitude for having a friend that I can have weird conversations like this with.*

“And you also know how I’ve been so confused about what the universe is trying to tell me and I keep asking for physical signs?”

*I take a sip of coffee waiting for her to explain her revelation.*

“Well, you are not going to believe what happened to me! I went to bed the other night and made sure all my crystals were next to me on the bed stand. I woke up in the middle of the night because I felt a rumbling. I looked over and the crystals were literally shaking! I thought, oh my goodness! It’s happening! It’s happening! The new world is coming and I’m about to witness this!”

*I become increasingly more interested by the second and leaned closer to the phone since she was on speaker.*

“And that’s when my boyfriend- who doesn’t necessarily believe in the things I do because he’s very logistical and rational and thinks everything has an explanation- woke up. Not woke up like how I’ve been peer pressuring him to “wake up” and see what’s going on spiritually- but I mean he literally woke up and asked what the shaking was. I said, see babe. I told you. It’s happening! He rushed over to the bed stand, opened the drawer, and the next thing I knew, he was laughing so uncontrollably, the crystals weren’t the only thing shaking! Somehow, my vibrator managed to go off. Here I was thinking my good vibrations and the energy I’ve been cultivating within me were about to eject me into the ethers, and instead, it was literal vibrations from my vibrator.”

*I spit out the coffee in my mouth all over the table and laughed hysterically. I thought to myself, gawd, I love this woman and this story*

Do you have any stories like this where you have mistaken something happing in this dense, 3D reality as something divine, or simply discounted it as scientific when it was actually mystical? I would love to read about it in the comments below. We can have a good laugh together-laughter is healing! `

By: Abbey Acevedo

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