• Abbey

The Soaking Rose

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

The Soaking Rose is a small woman-owned business that hand makes small batched soaps, soaks, scrubs, and lotion bars. Everything is organic, natural, and straight from Mother Nature!

The Soaking Rose is not just special because I am obsessed with supporting women, entrepreneurs, and people following their heart's passions, but it is also special because the owner is my sister named Rose. And my eyes are soaking with joyful tears because I am so proud of her!

Rose helped me grow and blossom into the woman I am today.

Rose always reminds me to stop and smell the flowers daily.

Rose has taught me that natural beauty can be found everywhere and that it exists within.

Rose tells me to keep my face toward the sunshine so the shadows can fall behind.

Rose affirms that I am powerful and capable and that I can plant my own garden instead of waiting for others.

In other words, she has always bathed me in love. She has showered me with appreciation. Now, she uses what comes naturally to her- love- and channels that into making lovely natural products that can help people wash away their stresses too!

We all deserve to relax. We all deserve to nourish our skin and our souls. We all deserve to lather up with self-care. We all deserve to clean up negative thinking and wash it down the drain.

Because at the root of it, we all deserve to feel grounded and The Soaking Rose helps us do this in water!

It's time to soak it all in.

Check out this video of me enjoying several of her products!

And make sure to support The Soaking Rose by following her on Instagram and checking out her Etsy shop.