• Abbey

Welcome to the Sh! tty Side!


A common misconception is that spirituality is all moonbeams and sunshine! But, there is a dark side too; the sh!t no one talks about. Think depression, existential crises, bodily reactions, losing relationships, and downright questioning your own sanity. These are normal experiences that the mainstream normally doesn’t address.

Join me and my fellow host- Renee LeBlanc, owner of Stars & Hearts Healing on our new podcast series called “The Shitty Side of Spirituality” where we DO talk about the sh!t the roses grow from, and not just about the roses!

So if you’re someone on a spiritual journey and you are wondering:

  • Why you’re not levitating or astral traveling already

  • Why you judge yourself for not fitting into societal boxes

  • Why you censor yourself instead of speaking your truth

  • Why you pretend to be okay when you’re really not

  • Why your body is doing some weird, funky stuff

  • Why you feel like sh!t and don’t necessarily know why

Then this podcast is for YOU!

We might not have all the answers, but we've definitely asked ourselves all the above questions on our own journeys and can relate! We don't want you to ever question yourself, or feel like you're "doing spirituality wrong." No such thing. Your experience is valid, even when it involves the ugly cry face.

You can find The Sh!tty Side of Spirituality now available on:

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Leave us a comment below for anything you're experiencing on your journey that you would like us to discuss! We look forward to leaning into the darkness with you and shedding light on the fact that you are not alone!

Check out my Youtube Video announcing The Sh!tty Side of Spirituality podcast here: