• Abbey

What I Say to People That Say...

  • ”Can you follow, like, subscribe, share, comment, buy (or insert anything here)” but they do not care to support the things that make my heart smile in kind

  • ” Call me if you need anything” but when I actually do, they don’t answer

  • ”You’re silly for believing in something you can’t see” but then they ask for my advice (aka my VISION) when they see my faith is bringing in blessings

  • ”Don’t worry” when I’m being vulnerable and telling them that I am worried (which invalidates my experience)

  • “That’s cute, but…” meaning they think my idea, career, or whatever I shared to get that response is not respectable, realistic, or right

  • ”Did you really post that” or as I like to translate it into, “I rely too much on other people’s opinions. I am too insecure to speak my own truth so you doing it triggers me, therefore I project that fear onto you by asking you this question”

I say this…


  • I’m sorry that seeing me WIN makes you feel like you’re LOSING.

  • I’m sorry that BELIEVING IN myself makes you realize that you DON’T BELIEVE in yourself.

  • I’m sorry that you don’t know how to show up FOR YOURSELF so how could you possibly know how to show up FOR ME?

  • I’m sorry that you’ve been let DOWN so many times that you can’t lift yourself (never mind me) UP.

But what I’m most sorry about are the lies that have gotten in the way of you loving yourself enough to believe the truth I’m offering: I see you, I empathize with you, and I still LOVE you.