• Abbey

Why I hate THIS question!

I’m at the dentist’s office and I get asked this question (also, how he expected me to answer with that thingy in my mouth while I’m drooling like a dog is still a mystery to me!)

I’m meeting someone for the first time and it’s the first question that I get asked.

Whoever asks me this question is trying to mentally determine whether sticking around to get to know me is worth their time or energy based on my answer.

The question is… “WHAT DO YOU DO?”

A year ago I would have answered that question by trying to PROVE my value and worthiness. My answer would have sounded something like:

️*** I have a master's degree, which required a lot of HARD WORK (academically and side hustling with waitressing and 3 jobs to foot the bill, which I’m still footing!)

*️**I have over 10 years of corporate experience, in various industries, solving challenging issues and doing HARD WORK.

️***I have built my own self and soul development brand and taught myself new skills such as but not limited to audio/video editing while obtaining new certifications, self-publishing a kids book, going live on Audible, and writing blogs for major wellness companies - again all HARD WORK!

And while all of that is true and valid, and I am proud of it, today, I would answer that question very differently.

Because I have never done more HARD WORK in my life than the HARD WORK I’ve been doing internally over this last year. And by continually doing this hard inner work, it’s been easy to align to (not chase) valuable people, places, and things that mirror my value for myself!

Now, when someone asks me, “What do you do,” I say:

***I’m letting go of anxiety as a lifestyle

***I’m putting myself together after breaking into a million pieces ***I’m re-parenting the 5-year-old girl who lives inside of me

***I’m taking deeper breaths and calming irrational thoughts

***I'm coming out of my vulnerability closet and unapologetically speaking my truth

***I’m unlearning everything I was told I SHOULD be doing

***I’m HEALing my relationship with HEALth

***I’m checking in with my ego to see if it's trying to help or harm and if the latter, I'm checking it at the door

***I’m taking leaps of faith into the unknown

***I’m giving myself ALL the attention and validation that I used to crave from others

***I’m making mistakes and also understanding that I AM NOT my mistakes

***I’m grieving the version of myself that is dying

***I’m opening the floodgates of my heart

***I’m re-discovering- or better yet, remembering- who the heck I am! (Yes, I said heck!)

To summarize: I’ve been existing and that’s HARD AF sometimes but it’s always ENOUGH.

I don’t want to be judged for everything that I’m doing and what I can bring to the table. I want to be accepted for who I am: I AM THE TABLE!

SO REMEMBER: ️***You are not what you do️

***You are worthy ️***You belong here ️***You are capable of doing HARD things ️***You matter ️***You don’t need permission to BE yourself

Soooo… Yea! Thats what I do… Any questions?